Dismantling for Container



For those clients, who would like to purchase spare parts for cars, tractors, heavy machinery etc. in bulk, we offer special service – dismantling for container.

You may purchase second-hand equipment from specialized auctions through our company and we will dismantle your equipment according to your priorities and preferences. Or You may use our usual ways of dismantling, like nose-cut and half-cut for passenger cars.

The common schemes of dismantling a car are nose-cut and half-cut. Nose-cut is a service, when our techniques cut off the front part of the car and dismantle it. The process is being carried out  without damaging any part of the car.

The same thing goes for the Half-cut method. When the car is cut in two parts. You may load 12 nose-cuts and 6 half-cuts in a 20 ft container. Or you may load 30 nose-cuts or 18 half-cuts in a 40 ft container

We provide quick dismantling service and prompt delivery of the container by the most reliable and low-cost freight forwarders. While loading Your container, we use all available free space in order to load as much as we can. You can also load any additional spare part or other goods if You wish to.

 We choose optimal route and best freight forwarders to save Your money and time. Please do not hesitate and contact us in case you are interested in our offer!

Container Transportation – HEAVY MACHINERY

The easiest and safest way to send heavy machinery is to use containers. This is the best price efficient solution if you want to send crane arms, forklifts, excavators and tractors. You are 100% protected from risks of transportation. Heavy Machinery is protected by steel box and not a single scratch shall touch you goods.

Containers shall reach every country and every city. Combined transportation shall bring youg goods directly to your place at low costs. We shall place goods to a container or we shall dismantle machinery according to your instructions to 20 ft or 40 ft container.

You may check Heavy Machinery Auctions if you FOLLOW THIS LINK to our online system. Please feel free to contact us and ask any questions you might have!