Auction Cars



We do not Charge 8% VAT! We have Cheapest Inland Delivery!!

We offer 2 schemes of purchase. The first, TRANSPARENT SCHEME, includes all real costs (car price, auction commission, inland delivery, company commission), freight to be paid separately. The second, SIMPLE SCHEME, includes only Car Price and fixed commission of 65.000 JPY (it includes all costs and our commission, for standard cars, excepting Hokkaido and Kyushyu isles which goes for plus 10.000 JPY only).

 «TRANSPARENT SCHEME» — Commission starts at 15.000 JPY, plus all real costs. You can confirm this commission structure on the following picture:


«SIMPLE SHEME» — Purchase price plus 65.000 JPY. This commission includes all costs bared in Japan and our commission. This scheme is simple and easy to work with! You will pay only Car Price, Commission and Freight (in case of freight collected, you will pay it in your country, only document and stevedore fee shall be paid in Japan).



The scheme of purchase is very simple and easy. You contact us, make 100% refundable deposit, get full access to our system, check and look for the cars (we provide free translation if necessary), you bid, buy car, make payment, and goods are shipped to you!



Please mind the following steps to purchase automobile:

*  Please contact us by e-mail and we shall advice you further detail.

*  Please pay deposit to bid in Auction. A deposit is 100% refundable and the sum of deposit shall be deducted from the amount of invoice once you buy car.

*  Using our system please choose the car you want to buy and bid.

*  Once you win the bid, we shall send you an invoice. Please pay it and advice us the payee name.

*  Your car shall be transported to designated port and shall be exported to you.