Used Tires



We provide used tires from Japanese makers of the Major Brands like Bridgestone, Toyo, Yokohama etc. The sizes of tires range from passenger car’s, light truck’s to truck tires and several grades are available as well.

We shall ship in containers – CHECK THE CATALOGUE of used and new wheels on Yahoo Japan. We shall concentrate your orders at our warehouse and ship in container to designated address.

Our customers purchase in bulk and ship 2-4 containers per week. We ship mainly via KMTC and Sinokor companies, due to reasanable rates and fact handling. Once you gather goods, it shall usually take about 2-3 days to book container and finish vanning.

You may check the following websites if you are looking for Japanese Wheels:


– Yahoo Japan – our bulk customers get personal Yahoo login!


– CROOBER The biggest store network in Japan!


— MBOK – mobile auction with the cheapest prices!


—   Rakuten Auction – a fast growing auction with wide range of goods!


In Japan tires are treated with the utmost care. More to say, average Japanese car owner changes tires 3-4 times a year. That is the main reason why Japanese tires are so popular all over the world: there is no significant difference between new and used tires at all.

We mainly operate the following makers, but other makers are available upon your inquiry.

Bridgestone – established in 1931. One of the biggest tire corporations in the world. Currently about 20% of the world tire market belongs to this maker. New cutting-edge technologies are applied each year to provide the best quality.

Toyo Tire & Rubber Co. – established in 1945. Toyo is the main supplier for all Japanese car makers. The widest range of tires, beginning from passenger cars to trucks, is always available.

Yokohama – established in 1917. Today being one of the main tire makers in Japan, this company applies technologies, developed especially for sport cars. This maker is known all over the world as one of the best tire suppliers.

 Most popular tires at the moment are:

For Trucks

245 70 19.5       800$ (6 wheels)    winter

245 70 19.5       650$ (6 wheels)   winter

215 70 17.5       600$  (6 wheels)  winter

205 60 17.5       450$  (6 wheels)  summer

225 80 17.5       600$  (6 wheels)   winter

For common cars:

195\70\14-      180$ (truck)

205\70\14-      180$ (truck)

195\65\15-      100$

205\65\15-      100$

205\70\15-      110$

265\70\15-      210$

175\70\13-      70$

185\70\13-      70$

185\65\14-      80$

185\70\14-      80$

205\65\16-      100$

265\70\16-      250$

145\12LT-       60$

 For customers who purchase goods in bulk, we provide quantity discounts.


Ordering spare parts is made through the manufacturers’ no-line system, both of new original and used spare parts. We provide the following service

– Original Japanese spare parts for cars and motorbikes.

– Spare parts for heavy machinery and agricultural equipment.

– Exporting Used Parts in bulk (dismantling used cars for 40ft or 20f t container).

Japanese original parts are manufactured by the Japanese auto factories, the same parts are used to make Japanese original cars. That is why original parts are of superior quality. Original parts are best choice if supreme quality and high reliability are you ultimate goal.


Japanese used parts are always in perfect condition, because in Japan it is common practice to change their car every year. That is why they are best value for money. We have access to the Tsubasa system, which allows to purchase used spare parts from the biggest used parts trade system in the world.

Our standard commission fee is 5%/

You can purchare spare parts directly from the followind web-sites:

Photo report of used parts is available upon request. We can find the best freight forwarder price for you, or ship to your local agent!