Used & New Spare Parts

Ordering spare parts is made through the manufacturers’ no-line system, both of new original and used spare parts. We provide the following service

- Original Japanese spare parts for cars and motorbikes.

- Spare parts for heavy machinery and agricultural equipment.

- Exporting Used Parts in bulk (dismantling used cars for 40ft or 20f t container).

- Access to Tsubasa system (wide range of used parts).

Japanese original parts are manufactured by the Japanese auto factories, the same parts are used to make Japanese original cars. That is why original parts are of superior quality. Original parts are best choice if supreme quality and high reliability are you ultimate goal.

Japanese used parts are always in perfect condition, because in Japan it is common practice to change their car every year. That is why they are best value for money. We have access to the Tsubasa system, which allows to purchase used spare parts from the biggest used parts trade system in the world.

Our common commission fee is 10% for new parts and about 10%-15% for the used ones.

You can purchare spare parts directly from the followind web-sites:

Photo report of used parts is available upon request. We can find the best freight forwarder price for you, or ship to your local agent!

For more details please contact our manager.