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Spare Pats – Yahoo Japan – Goods from Japan!

Our company shall supply a wide range of goods and products directly from Japanese market. The goods shall be delivered to your door. You will get Japanese quality at best price directly from Japan.

Our field of expertise covers used and new spare parts for cars, bikes heavy and agricultural equipment, and Japanese main online shops – Yahoo Japan, Kakaku, Rakuten etc. Our highly qualified friendly managers are always willing to help you in choosing the best deal.


In our company you can order brand-new original or used spare parts for your car or machinery. We shall ship it to your address to any country. When you purchase goods in our company it is simple and easy. You are protected by Payment System and JUMWE Association guarantees.

New original spare parts are the best choice if you value quality. The quality of spare parts made in Japan for domestic market is outstanding. These are all order-made parts produces from top quality metal and plastic, with extremely long lifetime. All original parts in Japan are tested and not a single spare part shall be released to domestic market without prior check of quality and safety. This superior quality is what sets Japanese parts apart from all other Makers.

The same goes for Japanese wheels and tires. Their quality is much better that the quality of Chinese made wheels. They are all tested for safety and compliance to Japanese standards, which are regarded to be top-class in the World.

We ship goods by airmail or EMS service if available in your country. For bulk orders shipping shall be done via container transportation. Bulk orders are concentrated in our warehouse and shipped to destination worldwide.


Main_japan-yahooThe biggest and the most famous online auction in Japan. Millions of goods are sold here every month. The annual revenue of this auction amount is 6 billion dollars. You can find almost everything here, and we shall help you to purchase it and deliver it to your door as fast as possible!

You can purchase variety of goods – the most popular goods at the moment include brand clothes and accessories at low prices, spare parts for Japanese cars, baby goods etc. Pay attention, that more than half of products displayed on Yahoo Japan are sold by official shops with guarantees at low price. These shops have official licenses, they sell brand-new goods and products, but as they sell online, they keep costs low and can supply goods at lower prices.

YOU MAY USE OUR SYSTEM – to check products available on Yahoo! Japan.


You look for the product you want to purchase, make 100% refundable Deposit by Paypal (YOU ARE PROTECTED!), you bid, and get you product directly to your door. It is 100% safe and easy. The purchase scheme looks as follows



You can purchase any item from Japan. Just give us a link for the product and we shall buy it for you! We shall purchase goods from any shop, anywhere in Japan at your command! Our customers are 100% satisfied with our speedy service and customer care.

You may check the translation and description of goods via the following link Just copy-paste the link for your product to this window and you shall be able to read translation in your own language. You may also contact us and ask for a quotation on specific item.

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