We are an established Japanese company exporting Japanese new and used heavy machinery worldwide.

We Exports all kind of used Japanese Heavy machinery, Construction Earth  Equipments, Excavators, Bulldozers, Shovel, Wheel loaders, Motor Graders,  Cranes, Road Rollers etc. of all famous makes i.e; Komatsu, Mitsubishi, Kawasaki, Hitachi, TCM, Kobelco, Kato, Tadano, Sumitomo etc.

Below You can find heavy machinery, available directly from our Stock. The prices are stated as FOB Toyama in Japanese Yen.

Please enter the type of the machinery or the model you would like to purchase in the SEARCH field and it will appear in the table below. Also you may sort models by alphabet or by price (ascending or descending). The first 30 entries are shown on this page.


TypeModelInformationPrice ¥Photo
ForkliftsToyota, Nissan1,5 to 4 ton250.000 - 800.000
Wheel LoaderJohn Deere 544Е2002 year. 1300 hrs. 5 ton. Good condition.55.000 $
ExcavatorKOMATSU PC50UU-2E1996 year, 3.877 hrs 2.100.000
Mobile CraneKATO KR35H-31993 year, 91,621 km, 38,885 hrs.13.500.000
ExcavatorKOBELCO SK50UR-21996 year, 856 hrsnegotiated price
Wheel ExcavatorKOBELCO SK04WSgood conditionnegotiated price
Wheel loaderFurukawa FL351991 year, 3,5 ton, 3,919 hrs920.000
Mobile CraneKOBELCO RK250-62003 year, 38,506 km, 14,510 hrs16.000.000
Mobile CraneTadano GR250N2007 year, good conditionnegotiated price
Wheel LoaderMitsubishi WS2002.3 ton1.100.000
ExcavatorCAT 308CCR2002 year, 5101 hrs, 0.28m bucket4.200.000
Mine TruckMST 600 Morooka2,500 ton. 1996 year, 1,520 hrs1.270.000
Crane BoomTADANO SUPER Z 300,
UNIC 330,
UNIC 370.
handling radius: 3 to 5350.000 - 450.000
Crane BoomUNIC 500K,
SUPER Z 500.
good condition950.000 - and above
Caps------upon request
Mobile CraneKOBELCO RK250-51999 year, 25 ton, 12,961 km, 10,537 hrs.12.500.000
Mobile CraneKOBELCO RK250-21991 year, 25 ton, 11,093 km, 13,937 hrs.7.800.000
Mobile CraneTADANO TR250M-31984 year, 13,472 hrs6.900.000
Mobile CraneKOBELCO RK250-52001 year, 70.237 km, 19,729 hrs.negotiated price
Mobile CraneTADANO TR250M-51992 year, 83.249 km, 5.885 hrs8.300.000
ExcavatorCAT 3071998 year, 3.991 hrs, 3.100.000
ExcavatorCAT 345good technical conditionnegotiated price
Wheel LoaderCAT 910F1994 year, 15.301 hrs.2.500.000
BulldozerCAT D3G2003 year, 3.626 hrs3.500.000
BulldozerCAT D5B1993 year, 12.600 hrs3.500.000
BulldozerCAT D7G1998 year, 16.326 hrs10.500.000
ExcavatorHITACHI EX301996 year, 6.325 hrs.350.000
ExcavatorHITACHI EX1201991 year, 7.222 hrs.1.500.000
ExcavatorHITACHI EX2001994 year, 12.496 hrs3.500.000
ExcavatorHITACHI ZX225USR-32006 year, 5,983 hrs6.500.000
ExcavatorKOBELCO SK50UR-32007 year, 1,052 hrs3.900.000
BulldozerKOMATSU 31P1986 year, 6357 hrs.1.500.000
BulldozerKOMATSU D31A1989 year, 3.508 hrs 1.300.000
BulldozerKOMATSU D53A1986 year, 3.204 hrs 2.600.000
ExcavatorKOMATSU PC201991 year, 5.805 hrs350.000
Wheel LoaderKOMATSU WA1001987 year, 5.492 hrs2.100.000
Wheel LoaderMMC WS2001991 year, 3.562 hrs 430.000
Wheel LoaderTCM LX301993 year, 5.642 hrs 850.000
Wheel LoaderTCM STD301995 year, 6.753 hrs1.480.000
Electro LoaderGENEO-B 202007 year680.000
ExcavatorHITACHI EX225USRLC1999 year, 7.000 hrsnegotiated price
ExcavatorCAT CSR3082002 year, 1.691 hrs 3.800.000
BulldozerKOMATSU D31PX-22003 year, 4.000 hrsnegotiated price
BulldozerKOMATSU D65PX-121997 year, 4.258 hrs 8.800.000
BulldozerKomatsu D65PX-15E02008 year, 4,216 hrs14.500.000
BulldozerMitsubishi BD2G1994 year
3,5 ton, 2.337 hrs
Mobile CraneKOMATSU LW250-31994 year7.500.000
GraderKOMATSU GD405A-21995 year, 4.000 hrs.negotiated price


We offer second hand construction machinery, used mining and forestry equipment, dozers, excavators, backhoes and attachments. We provide first class service to the customers by informing them complete and detailed information about any kind of heavy machinery or equipment. We also sell heavy equipment attachments for all makes and models.

We provide access to the ARAI auction system, which attracts more then 10.000 buyers and sellers every week. Each year more then 400.000 heavy machinery units, cars and bikes are sold via ARAI system. ARAI includes the following auctions: Arai Bayside, Arai Oyama, Arai Sendai, Arai Fukuoka.

Moreover we provide access to ISUZU UMAX auction system, second biggest specialized auction system in Japan, known for its reliability and profecional staff.

Our main goal is to satisfy our customers with high quality goods at competitive price. Long-term partnership is what we looking forward. Purchasing heavy machinery and equipment from our company is the best choice for those who value their time and money.

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