Cars from Stock


We offer our customers access to the biggest stocks in Japan. You can choose car at fixed price. You do not need to waist your time, you do not have to check auctions every day, bid and wait for confirmation. Stock purchase system is very convenient. It is very easy to calculate total cost of the car, inland delivery is very cheap as these Auto Stocks are located near to biggest highway junctions. In one week the car shall be delivered to the port of export.

We offer direct online access to the biggest stock systems of Japan. You can watch and choose cars 24 hours 7 days a week. You will get access to the following stock systems: iauc oneprice, gao oneprice, asnet oneprice. These systems carry out a total check of the vehicle once it arrived to stock yard. All details and specifications shall be indicated on Auction List, which you can check yourself or instruct us to make translation. Total check by professional guarantees the quality and makes you purchase pleasant and safe.

PLEASE FOLLOW THIS LINK to get direct access to these stocks via our system.

When you purchase cars from stock, you shall purchase exactly the car you want. You won’t have to check auctions and bid every day until you buy a car. Just select the automobile you want, make deposit and purchase your car!

Please take the following steps to purchase automobile from Stock:

*  Please contact us by e-mail and we shall advice you further detail.

*  Please pay deposit to buy from Stock. A deposit is 100% refundable and the sum of deposit shall be deducted from the amount of invoice once you buy car.

*  Using our system please choose the car you want to buy and instruct us to purchase it. You may do it online, using our system.

*  Once we confirm the purchase, we shall send you an invoice. Please pay it and advice us the payee name.

*  Your car shall be transported to designated port and shall be exported to you.